Should You Replace Your Bathroom's Tapware with Mixers?

The staple form of tapware for a majority of sinks is two separate faucets that are individually connected to your cold water supply and your hot water supply. Nevertheless, just because this type of design is the standard option does not mean that it is the best option. A modern alternative that is steadily making its way into the residential market is the mixer tap. 

Mixers are designed to provide you with either hot or cold water from one single flow through a single spout. This modern design comes with a host of benefits that you would not enjoy from traditional two-faucet tapware. So why should you replace your bathroom's tapware with mixers?

Mixers are available in stylish designs

A bathroom renovation should not merely be functional. Adding appealing elements to your space can create visual interest that will enhance the aesthetic of the bathroom. Mixers are hardware that can help you achieve that. If you are switching up the style of your bathroom to a contemporary theme, you will find that the sleek designs of mixers will add a streamlined appearance to your sinks. Alternatively, if you are intent of maintaining a traditional aesthetic but want modern-day functionality, you could opt for mixers that have a distinctly arched design to suit this aesthetic.

Mixers are user-friendly

A misassumption some people have about new technology is that it will be difficult to utilise as compared to what they are used to. Nevertheless, this could not be further from the truth when it comes to mixer tapware. The single-lever design of these faucets makes them much easier to handle since you now never have to contend with taps that have been wound too tight. 

The ease of use is especially beneficial to seniors and young children who may not b string enough to turn a tightly shut tap. Moreover, you do not have to be concerned about water wastage because the mixer is easy to open and shut. In fact, since it is much easier to close these taps, you can be assured even small children will not leave leaky faucets on!

Mixers are supremely versatile

When engaging in a bathroom remodel, chances are you will want to create a sense of uniformity in your bathroom. Thus, you may be worried about whether mixers will complement your bathtub or shower tapware. Fortunately, mixers are versatile enough to be installed anywhere you require tapware! You even have the flexibility to fit a shower mixer, which makes it easy to switch between the central spout and the showerhead!