Ideas for Injecting Old Fashioned Whimsy Into Your Bathroom Renovation

If you're trying to add a bit of old fashioned whimsy into your bathroom, there are lots of options you may want to explore. You can go for a fully antiquated effect or just integrate a few elements. In both cases, here are some ideas to consider.

1. Claw Foot Tub

This is the most iconic item to add in a bathroom renovation if you're going for an old fashioned look. These large tubs allow you to really soak in deep water, and in some cases, they can even fit a couple comfortably. You can find some from contemporary manufacturers or hit the antique circuit to look for one.

2. Distressed Wooden Vanity

A wooden vanity also helps add an old fashioned look to your bathroom. Consider going for a vanity that looks more like a chest of drawers rather than the classic drawer and cupboard vanities of the contemporary era. You may even want to convert an antique chest of drawers just for this purpose.

3. Bowl Sink

To mimic the look of a bowl placed on top of a vanity, skip the mounted sink and opt for a bowl sink. These are positioned to sit on top of the vanity, and although they look like bowls, they function just like regular sinks. Consider opting for a wooden bowl or a mottled metallic design.

4. Antique Taps

To further complement the old fashioned vibe in your bathroom renovation, consider putting in antique taps. You can buy actual antique taps from a shop that specialises in that type of stuff, or you can ask your renovation contractor where to find them.

Alternatively, there are new taps made to look old fashioned. They range from the classic taps you'd find in a bathroom in the Victorian era to taps that look like water pumps.

5. Ruffled Shower Curtain

If you hang a circular rod from the ceiling above the claw foot tub, you may want to put a ruffled curtain on it. Ideally, you want to choose white or ivory, as they make small bathrooms look larger, but in some cases, you may want to integrate other colours.

6. Accessories

Finally, to complete the bathroom renovation, add a few old fashioned accessories to your bathroom. That may include a wooden hair brush, a straight edge razor, or keep the theme going with vintage towel racks, black and white floor tiles and similar items.