Having Your Kitchen or Bathroom Renovated? Do YOU Need A Project Manager?

If you're currently in the throes of organising renovations for your kitchen and/or bathroom, there's a good chance you've considered hiring a project manager. There are many pros and cons to this approach, so read on for a handy guide that should help you to make your decision. Have a look at these lists, and decide which one has the most points that are applicable to your specific situation.

You should consider hiring a project manager if:

  • You have doubts regarding your team of contracted professionals, or the people who will be doing the work for you are an unknown quantity.
  • You have a generous budget and can be flexible about how much you spend.
  • Your kitchen or bathroom is highly customised or being designed and built especially for you.
  • You have no experience of having your home renovated.
  • You work full-time or otherwise won't often be on-site.
  • You're aware that you find managing others stressful and have little to no experience of keeping an eye on other people's work.
  • You're not totally certain what you want and would appreciate extra advice from someone with experience.
  • Your design is one that requires structural changes, such as moving walls or altering plumbing.
  • You're on an extremely tight timeframe and are able to pay to have that deadline met.

You probably don't need a project manager if:

  • You know you've hired contractors you can trust--because they were recommended to you, because you've seen a large number of reviews or because you've worked with them before.
  • You're on an extremely tight budget with little or no flexibility about how much you can spend.
  • You're fitting a kitchen or bathroom straight out of the showroom with few changes, alterations or customisations.
  • You've had renovations before and know what to expect.
  • You work part-time or from home or will otherwise be on-site a great deal.
  • You have experience managing others or feel confident that you can monitor your contractors' work yourself.
  • You have a very clear vision for your renovation.
  • You're only installing elements that fit well into the existing space.
  • You can be flexible about your timescale and would rather save a little money than finish the work quickly.

In Conclusion

Project managers can be useful, and for many people, they're an invaluable part of the renovation process. Most important of all, however, is a skilled and reliable team of remodelling contractors--so if you find the right contractors, you might discover that you don't need to worry about a project manager so much after all!